Ilke Irem Kurt

My name is Ilke Irem Kurt and I’m 17. I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I’m not a patient. I’m here for my best friend and my dad. I try to support them.

Elgin Tezcan

Hi! My name is Elgin I’m 16. I’m from Izmir, Turkey. I got diagnosed in 2010. I have Type 1 HAE. Singing, dancing and doing sports are the things I like most. I often have difficulty doing these things because if I have stomach pain or swelling, it’s harder to dance and play.

Paige Rockwell

My name is Paige Rockwel I’m 13. I got diagnosed in September of 2015. I’m from the USA in North Carolina.

Sophia Andrade

Hi! my name is Sophia Andrade and I’m from Connecticut, USA. I was born in Bristol, CT and have lived there my whole life. I have Type 2 HAE but that doesnt prevent me from living my life. I love music and iced tea and Dunkin. I love the sunshine and the beach and anywhere warm.

Natalie Dersch

I’m Natalie Dersch. I am 16 years old, from Illinois and I play soccer. My identical twin sister has HAE Type 3. I remember going through everything trying to diagnose my sister. Whenever she goes to the ER I make sure they keep me updated. Having a twi with HAE is hard. It’s hard to watch her go through everything alone.

Maddy Dersch

Hi, my name is Maddy Dersch, I am a 16 year old from Illinois. I live near Chicago and I love to visit the city. I was diagnosed with HAE Type 3 in April 2017. I try to live my life as normally as possible, I really enjoy listening to music and reading. My favourite bands are Panic! At The Disco and Twenty One Pilots. My favourite book series is Harry Potter.

Diego Lopéz

Hi, I’m Diego I am 15 years old. I was born in Chile and I’m an inventor, I like to make robots and other things to help people. To pass the time I like to do great things like graffiti, draw, parkour, etc…