Hi Youngsters,

Welcome to the blog post that celebrates success, achievements and the future! 

Graduation season is now over and we have gathered pictures and reflections from youngsters that have graduated this year – the Class of 2020. The Youngsters Advisory Group wants to take this opportunity to celebrate each other’s success and resilience in the face of COVID-19 and HAE. One person’s success is a success for the entire community – so let’s party! 

While graduation can be different from country to country, it’s something worth celebrating – a major milestone in life that leads to new adventures and challenges.For HAE patients, graduation can mean something more than just a diploma or an academic degree – it’s a testament to your resiliency, strength and courage for making it this far. 

COVID-19 made graduation different this year, with some unable to have a typical graduation ceremony. Just like many people’s semesters – we’re taking it online! Join us in celebrating the recent graduates and see how graduation traditions differ around the world. 

Thank you to the youngsters who’ve shared their graduation photos and memories!

Graduation means a lot to me. It confirms that anything is possible and that nothing should limit you. I have reached a significant milestone in my life that defines the beginning of something new. I have learned a lot about myself in the last 3 years, and I look forward to learning a lot more as well as get wiser with time.  Despite graduation being something else this year, I still had the best time of my life and really appreciated every minute of it. Can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Btw… the Danish graduation hat is different from the others that we know. I can’t exactly say why but I guess it’s a symbol of Denmark and Danish traditions since 1865. The blue color and the flags mean I went to an international business school. Behind the look of the hat, we have a lot of fun traditions connected to it that every student in Denmark tries to accomplish in the time we celebrate graduation. Another fun tradition is that we in Denmark wear our student hats every day for 2 weeks after we graduated!

Nanna, Denmark

Graduation was not at all what I expected but sometimes you have to make the best out of things! Ours was very small since we could only bring 4 people but it made it very intimate for my family and I! After graduation I saw the rest of my friends and family and felt beyond loved by everyone!

Reagan, USA

I feel happy, but also nostalgic, to finish this stage in university. I’m grateful to all those who were with me during this time, my teachers, classmates, friends, family, etc. Apart from learning from them, they always gave me support and believed in me. 

Fun fact – my thesis/final project was based on creating adjustable, formal footwear for people with HAE

Judith, Mexico

Graduation to me expresses new beginnings and a lot new experiences. Also I feel that highschool life has a role of significance in life.

Elgin, Turkey

Even though we didn’t have a traditional graduation it was amazing to be able to celebrate with the people I love! Graduation to me is the symbolization of moving on to bigger things! 

Emma, USA

So many plans for my graduation day… But I ended up taking some photos with my phone in the front yard. Current situation didn’t allow us to celebrate properly, but that feeling.. oh God. I am so proud I’ve managed to finish my studies and to make my parents happy. I am stronger and fearless besides everything. Hope + Ambition = Engineer  <3

Maria Monalisa, Romania

Graduation is different this year yes, but in meaning it’s the same. It’s the mark of our journeys to being adults and college and everything that comes with growing up. It’s a fun and saddening experience all at once that I don’t regret for a second

Zachery, USA




Cheering you on and sending hugs, THE Youngsters ADVISORY GROUP.