Hello everyone,

It’s the HAEi Youngsters’ Advisory Group here, and we are very excited to welcome you to this next step for the HAEi Youngsters’ Community.

We are launching a new online project – the HAEi Youngsters’ Hangout- on Friday, 4 November at 10:00 am CET. And yes, this is the place you would want to hang out. This page has been developed by HAEi, who are dedicated to supporting the HAEi Youngsters’ Community, and has the goal to help equip young people with knowledge about HAE and give them the power to overcome their fears and challenges. We know that given the opportunity, youngsters can make a positive difference for themselves and others with HAE.

No matter where you are in your HAE journey, there is something for you here. The HAEi Youngsters’ Hangout is a collection of short videos, blogs, and resources on HAE, motivation, and life in general. You can find presentations from international HAE experts, stories from youngsters, caregivers, and parents, and last but not least, tools developed by HAEi to help you manage HAE in your daily life.

Our goal is to create a hub of information for you all and add new content to this page regularly – expanding the topics and questions answered.
So, if you have a story you would like to share or a question you would like to have answered – let us know! This page is meant for you all.


Still haven’t joined the HAEi Youngsters’ Community?

The community is free and open to youngsters aged between 12-25 who are members of their local member organization!

Click the “Join us” button – it is green and right at the top 🙂

See you at the Hangout!

Your HAEi Youngsters’ Advisory Group