The HAEi Youngsters Community Advisory Group has worked together with HAEi to revamp the youngsters’ community’s logo! We are very excited to share the results with you all!

You might wonder why change the logo? Why now? What difference does it make for the members of the HAEi Youngsters Community?

Keep reading to find the answers!

It is very important to start from the beginning. When the community was launched in 2018 at the HAE Global Conference in Vienna, we created our own website, logo, and magazine (the Youngsters Voice) over the weekend. It was such an amazing activity to be a part of. We all worked together and let our creativity go wild!

It has been a joy to see our community developing, growing, and connecting more, especially now, and we felt the time was right to grow our logo as well.

The original logo was created by one of our members, Nath Galarraga. This was our inspiration. We knew we wanted to keep the essence of the original logo and build on its meaning.



Working on the new logo allowed us, as a group, to reflect on our goals and plans for the future of the community. We weren’t just creating a new image, we were creating a story.

And here it is…

There will be times when we have all felt lost, challenged, or a little unsure as we travel on our HAE journey. We have all had the fear of a new beginning, a new place, a new school, and new people. And let’s admit it, nothing beats the comfort of something well-known or a friendly, welcoming hand ready to help.

We thought long and hard about what the HAEi Youngsters’ Community means, what we want to achieve together and how we can help youngsters everywhere. We hope we have distilled that into our new logo.

We want to:

  • be a place for young people around the world to find a connection
  • be a hub for you to find the right information
  • help you find friends around the world
  • empower you on your HAE journey
  • help you share your uniqueness with the world
  • welcome everyone
  • support each other
  • show we are part of the HAEi family
  • be a friendly welcoming hand
  • be the bridge between kids and youngsters
  • share your stories
  • take you traveling around the world
  • never stop learning!

We hope you love our new logo as much as we do. And that you find its meaning as powerful as we do.


Thank you for being a part of the community,

Your HAEi Youngsters Advisory Group