Pave the way

From a small idea to a giant LEAP: Building the program

HAEi believes passionately in our HAEi Youngsters’ Community. Since its launch, we have looked for ways to support and bring youngsters together from all around the world. The Community aims to learn, stay connected, grow our global community, share our experiences, and have fun together!

During 2022, we worked with our HAEi Youngsters’ Advisory Group on a new program to help us meet these goals and nurture the next generation of HAE advocates. The result is HAEi LEAP. Our first class was in 2023, and we are running the program again in 2024.

Why choose HAEi LEAP

Through educational courses and applied practical exercises, HAEi LEAP students will have the opportunity to learn professional skills, including content planning, online content management (web and social), presenting, strategy, and more. HAEi LEAP graduates then have the chance to put these skills into practice by working on a real-life project with their HAE organization. HAEi will provide a one-time monetary grant to HAEi LEAP graduate Member Organizations to be able to fund and carry out the project agreed upon with the youngsters.

HAEi Youngsters and their HAE Member Organization need to apply to HAEi LEAP together.