Pave the way

Welcome to the HAEi LEAP program

HAEi LEAP supports members of our HAEi Youngsters’ Community and Member Organizations.

HAEi LEAP is an educational program, developed by HAEi, that allows young people to learn new skills and develop as individuals, and advocates.

Young people will also have the chance to gain experience working with their MOs to apply all those skills on a project to support advocacy, their Member Organization, and their community. Paving the way for future leaders.

Would you like to …

  • Equip yourself with knowledge and skills to help you in the future?
  • Be able to write engaging copy for websites, press releases, and more formal presentations?
  • Be able to manage social media accounts effectively?
  • Learn how to present with confidence and handle difficult questions with ease?

And would you like the opportunity to put some of this into practice with a real-life project with your HAE organization?

If yes, then HAEi LEAP is the program for you!

You have the chance to explore these subjects and ideas, rooted in real-world examples and problems together with other HAEi LEAP students, both face-to-face and in your own time at home.

A three-day in-person seminar will mark the beginning of the program, followed by 14 weeks of educational content, delivered through online channels. Online learning is tailored to fit a two- to three-hour window per week. You can generally follow the course at your own pace. We’ll open one course at the beginning of each week, with a few deadlines for assignments and occasional virtual live sessions. There will also be ‘free’ weeks for reflection and working on assignments.

About the courses

Our courses will include:

  • On-demand lectures (in written and or video format) available via HAEi Advocacy Academy, for review, whenever suits you.
  • A live session (or more than one, to accommodate different timezones) to recap on learning and allow new concepts and skills to be put into practice.
  • Regular check-ins to see how you are getting on.