Young people are really important, and we are passionate about the young people in our global HAE family. HAEi LEAP is designed to meet the needs our Member Organizations highlight about engaging with young people in their organizations.

HAEi LEAP is an education program that allows youngsters to learn new skills and develop as individuals and advocates. They will also have the chance to gain experience working with their organizations to apply all those skills on a project to support advocacy, their organization, and their community. Paving the way for future leaders.

Nevena Tsutsumanova, HAEi Operations Manager and Youngsters’ Community Coordinator, comments, “So many of our Member Organizations work on borrowed time and with limited resources. At HAEi, we are blown away by what you do and the world of good you achieve for your communities. You inspire us to find innovative ways to help Member Organizations and young people come together.”

Let’s take LEAP step-by-step!

 What does the Learn look like?

It is a 12-week online program kicking off with a 2-day in-person seminar in April 2023, organized and supported by HAEi. We know our students will live their own lives while participating in LEAP. The program is designed to fit around students’ lives and will take an estimated 2-3 hours per week.

Through in-person and online education, youngsters will have the opportunity to learn professional skills, including:
– Content planning
– Online content management for websites and social media
– Presenting
– Strategy and more.

All skills that will help young people grow as advocates, can help their community and support them as individuals in a competitive work market


What does the experience look like?

It is a program where young people get the chance to put what they have learned into practice, with work experience on a real-life project with their organization. We want the young person and their Member Organization to apply for the program together and to have an idea about a project that the young person could deliver. We have mentioned a project, but what could that project be?

Students will learn about online content, writing for the web, and how to upload content to a website – so the project could be related to an organization’s website. For example, getting online if you don’t have a website or perhaps developing a new page or section.

Students will also learn about social media – what makes a good post in words and images and how you build followers. So perhaps it could be a project about social media for your organization.

We will have modules on working with the media and case studies. Maybe you would like to capture more inspirational stories from people with HAE and add them to your website or use them in a media campaign. The project could be about that.

We have an idea bank on the website that could help inspire you. And, to help you deliver the project, HAEi will provide a one-time monetary grant to HAEi LEAP graduates and their Member Organizations.


What does advocate look like?

The program covers skills fundamental to advocacy. Experienced HAE advocates will give some lectures and be part of the courses. The courses will not only teach

the skills but provide the opportunity to put them into practice in group sessions and look at real-life examples of where these skills have made a difference to people advocating for change.


What does pave-the-way look like?

LEAP helps to pave the way for future leaders and advocates.

Our students will also be paving their own way to make great things happen for them as individuals. HAEi will support graduates with a certificate ofachievement and a letter of recommendation that they can use to help with their CV or applications to schools and jobs, for example.




What do young people think about it?

Our youngsters advisory group has been integral to developing LEAP. If you want to hear more about what they think about HAEi LEAP, have a look here.

What do you need to know?

HAEi Youngsters and their HAE Member Organization need to apply to HAEi LEAP together.

As an HAEi Youngster, you will need to want to join the course and have spoken to your HAE organization to understand what sort of project you can work on upon graduation from HAEi LEAP.

As an HAEi Member Organization, you’ll have spoken to your youngster about undertaking the course, and the project you think they can work on post-graduation.

All the information you need is on our website, including including inspiration for your project and the application process. The deadline to apply is 23:00 (11:00pm) CET 20 November and spaces are limited – so head over there now!