Welcome to the HAEi Youngsters’ Community Podcast: HAE Let’s Talk! 🎙️

Dear Youngsters,

🎉 Our Community Podcast Journey Begins 🎉

We are working on our exciting brand-new podcast called: HAE Let’s Talk! 🎙️

We would love for YOU to be part of our podcast family! 🌟

The podcast will feature engaging conversations in English, with each episode lasting approximately 15 minutes. Episodes will be recorded and available for streaming on both the youngsters’ website and other podcast platforms.

The podcast is a place where we can talk about life, adventures, advocating and HAE. Do you want to share your story and experiences from your corner of the world?

Participation criteria

You must be:

✨ Between the ages of 12 and 25 (those under 18 will need parental/guardian consent to take part)

✨ A person with HAE, caregiver, sibling, or friend

✨ Able to hold conversations in English at a reasonable and understandable level

✨ Eager to share your thoughts and experiences with the community, and consent for these to be recorded and shared via the podcast

If you meet the participation criteria and want to be a guest on our podcast to help us kickstart this incredible project, fill out the contact form below.