We are very pleased to share with you Pravalika’s story. Pravalika is from India and is very passionate about photography. 

You can read Pravalika’s story below. 

Where are you from?

I am Pravalika from India 😁

What was your first involvement with the HAE Youngsters’ Community and why is the community important to you?

My first involvement was a few months ago during Christmas. This community is particularly important to me because I can connect and relate to everyone in here. We do live in different countries but have similar goals, like, to accept HAE as a part of our life and not let anything affect our goals and way of living. Not just survive but to live!

What is something interesting about you that will surprise us?

One thing interesting about me is I have manyyyyy hobbies, and I always try something new 😁. I do different types of art, I try new workout techniques, I am a tech geek, I’ve tried amateur photography, short story writing and it’s been good so far, I’ve killed enough plants and reached a level that I can finally raise them on my own 🤭. And a few more (really don’t wanna bore you with stupid things I do in my week offs 😅)

What does #BeyondHAE mean to you?

#BeyondHAE means so much to me!!!
It’s courage,
It’s motivation,
and most of all

It’s us!

…going after the things we love, and not the condition we live with.

In spite of all the issues we have been facing and will in the future, we are so much more than that. After advocating so much for a rare disease at a young age, it becomes our identity, but #beyondHAE is anything but that!

If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The one thing I could eat all my life is anything that is cooked with a potato. It comes in all shapes and sizes!

If COVID-19 disappears tomorrow, what is the first thing you will do?

I would run to my gym! I’ve been trying out kickboxing for a few weeks but had to stop because of rising COVID cases!

What is 1 thing that always brings a smile to your face.

The one thing that warms my hear and leaves a smile on my face is seeing a dog. I’m a huuuuge dog lover, but unfortunately I don’t have one.