Quick impressions of the Conference – From the perspective of the Youngsters

What do you think of the HAEi 2018 Global conference so far?

Generally, everybody described how the introduction by the HAEi president Anthony Castaldo, made a really good first impression. “His speech was really inspirational and it spread a lot of hope for the community” said Isabel from the USA. “Anthony really brought good vibes to the people and his speech was a great start. I really trust HAEi, they do a lot for us. I am very confident that lot of great things are ahead of us in a couple of years, especially for the new medication. We really need to work together to make medication available all around the world, so everyone has equal opportunities. I am really passionate about that” Millen, Israel

We all agreed what a wonderful opportunity this conference is. It is awesome to bring so many people together from each corner of the world for such an important cause. We need to build our future together.

“The conference is so fun! The interviews really helped to get to know each other better and receive great tips. I also got so much more followers. Btw, it´s @tofacar FOLLOW ME.”

“The selfie session was really cool. With the competition we got to explore the city and make great memories. As a person who doesn’t have HAE, I learned a lot more about it and heard a lot other stories. I didn’t really know that HAE can be that severe for some people.” Jaksa, from Serbia.

What do you think of Vienna ? Is it different from where you live?

Paige (Canada):  Vienna is a really beautiful city, very cultural and with great architecture. The buildings are old but striking to look at. The buildings are much more historical from Cow Bay, Nova Scotia and the people are very personable.

Anastasiia (Russia): The architecture here is similar to Moscow, a city I visit often in my country. I am really enjoying my time here in Austria.

Eirini (Greece): Vienna is so different from Athens! The buildings are really tall and elegant and the city is so organized and clean. This place has a romantic vibe.

Dimitris (Greece): I really like the weather here. Just the perfect amount of cold. The city is really inspiring. It has impressive sites.

Millen (Israel): Where I live in Israel, more modern buildings are being made all the time. Here, it is a much older city but I love everything about it.

Sofija (Serbia): The place is cool. I can’t wait to meet more of it. I currently live in Paris and the architecture there has a different style than here.

Jaksa (Serbia): The architecture is much greater than Serbia and I think I could get used to living here.

To finish this article , I would like to add an inspiring story from our friend Millen :

“I am from a really small country and there are barely any people with HAE there, especially in my age group. In the past I have felt really alone. Every HAEi meeting brings a huge smile to my face! It gets me so excited for the future. I have made so many friends with whom I can relate to and get in touch with in difficult times. Over the years, I can say I am now in much better terms with it.”

Special thanks to the people who took part in this interview : Millen, Paige, Dimitris, Eirini, Victoria, Anastasiia, Isabel, Jaksa, Sofija.

Article by Eirini Gianakidi, a youngster from Greece