The Secret Santa Challenge 2020

Welcome to the second Secret Santa Challenge of the HAEi Youngsters’ Community

After last year’s success we though we have to give the Secret Santa another go in 2020 🙂

And in the good tradition of our Secret Santa…this one has a digital and homemade twist as well. Meaning that we want to invite all of you to get creative and take part in our global ‘e-Gift’ exchange.

With all the challenges that 2020 brought one thing became even more clear – community is important. That is why we hope you will join us in putting a smile on each other’s faces this holiday season. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or something else that is okay, you can still take part in our challenge.

Get creative with the gifts you create they could be anything from a photo, video, song or even your favourite holiday meme.

Your e-Gift can focus on anything you like but you might like to share some festive traditions in your home country, what you and your family get up to on the day of celebration or simply a motivational Christmas message.

Be creative, be imaginative, be inspiring!

Simple Rules

We will ask you to stick to the Rules:

  • Be inclusive
  • Be respectful
  • Be an advocate!
  • Please submit all content in English

What happens next?

  1. Your name and preferences will be entered into a random draw and anonymously sent to another HAEi Youngster that has also signed up
  2. You will also receive the name and preferences of an HAEi Youngster and have 2 weeks to create your e-Gift
  3. Once created, please visit and upload your e-Gift using the box on the left-hand side. Please send the e-Gift to

Key dates

7th December – Registration for the HAEi Youngsters Secret Santa is now open.

11th December – Close of HAEi Youngster Secret Santa Challenge registration

14th December – Find out who you’re creating a gift for

20th December – Send your e-Gifts to via

23rd/24th December – e-Gifts anonymously sent out to the HAEi Youngster community

25th December – Season’s Greetings!

Taking part

If you would like to take part in this fun-filled festive activity*, please fill out the form below.

*By signing up, you are agreeing to taking the time to produce an E-gift as well as giving the consent to receive one yourself.