Written by Nanna Maria Boysen (17), member of the HAEi Youngsters Advisory Group

Our main goal as a community is to grow in numbers, spike creativity and learn more about our members’ countries and cultures.

Early in March, as a representative of the HAEi Youngsters Community Advisory Group, I was invited to speak at the 21st Annual AEDAF meeting in Spain.

My goal there was to share what we do in the community, what our mission, vison and goals are but most of all to connect with the Spanish youth. I was very excited to meet all these new friends!

Looking at this experience I believe that it was a great opportunity for me to stand in front of all these youngsters and advocate not only for the HAEi Youngsters Community but for the young generation of HAE patients as well. For me and my fellow advisory group members it is very important to share the community experience and make sure that the young generation of HAE patients, friends and family members know that we are there to help and share not only the good parts but also the challenges that come with HAE.

We want them to know they are not alone!

So, if you are between the age of 12-26 years, spirited and full of ideas get in touch with us at youngsters@haei.org we would love to connect with as many young people as possible!

Strength in numbers as people say 🙂