#togetherapart: Meet Darya

With the #TogetherApart initiative we have collected fun photos, videos, boomerangs and stories from you of your social distancing days and more – so we can all be #TogetherApart.

Hi – I’m Darya

I’m 15 years old

I’m a HAE patient

And I live in Russia

I hope that HAE patients in the future:
will be able to live in peace, without spending all their resources on the disease

The HAEi Youngsters’ Community is important because:
makes it clear that you are not alone in this

My favorite quote is:
"a man is always afraid of the unknown, because what is known is less scary"

‘Creating a Path to Better Health’ means:
striving for access to modern pathogenetic medication. And individual approach of doctors to everyone. Solving not only attacks, but their causes in some cases(psychological problems, for example).

This is my personal story:

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