#togetherapart: Meet Hana

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Hi – I’m Hana

I’m 22 years old

I’m a HAE patient

And I live in South Africa

I hope that HAE patients in the future:
Have access to medication all around the world, to feel safe and confident in managing their HAE and living a normal, happy life!

The HAEi Youngsters’ Community is important because:
Many patients can feel alone when struggling with HAE, but through the HAEi family, we are supported, understood and always together

My favorite quote is:
"It always seems impossible, until it's done" - Nelson Mandela

‘Creating a Path to Better Health’ means:
I think a path to better health starts with awareness and expanding our knowledge of HAE as well as continuing our support for all patients in the community

This is my personal story:
When I was 2 years old my grandfather passed away from an acute HAE attack, my mom and her twin sister were then diagnosed and finally understood what they had been struggling with most of their life. I was diagnosed when I started having symptoms at 5 years old and my older sister was diagnosed around the same time. Living in South Africa we had no access to medication for HAE so acute attacks were always very traumatic. During my teen years my attacks were the worst and most frequent, my sister and I were in and out of hospital every month. Throughout school it was hard to manage everything while struggling with HAE but my family was always there and I'm so grateful to always have my sister by my side who understands exactly what I was going through. I first met the HAEi community at the global conference in Vienna, and this experience changed my life. I had never met anyone else my age who had HAE, and I never knew there was such a big, loving and amazing HAE family to be a part of! I am now very confident in managing HAE and I love being involved in our community! I am currently studying Medical Sciences and will soon start research in HAE, hoping to contribute to our progress in treating and diagnosing patients. Thank you HAEi!

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