#togetherapart: Meet Laureana

With the #TogetherApart initiative we have collected fun photos, videos, boomerangs and stories from you of your social distancing days and more – so we can all be #TogetherApart.

Hi – I’m Laureana

I’m 13 years old

I’m a HAE patient

And I live in Argentina

I hope that HAE patients in the future:
have access to different treatments in the whole world.

The HAEi Youngsters’ Community is important because:
we can help each other and talk to each other, and it remind us that we are not alone.

My favorite quote is:
"Always be loyal to yourself and never allow that what someone else says distracts you from your goal"

‘Creating a Path to Better Health’ means:
For me it means that we have to work as a team, we have to inform about HAE and reach the whole world, for us to be able to get treatments. What hospitals know about this, depends on us.

This is my personal story:

I am the only one in my family who has this disease (my mother had it but was not diagnosed, she died of a glottis edema). I know that if I have any doubt, I can count on the youngsters community and the HAE community from my country. My first episode was when I was 4 years old, I had knee edema. I still don't self apply my medication because I don't like vaccines, I'm afraid of them but I'm trying to overcome my fear.

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