#togetherapart: Meet Nicolas

With the #TogetherApart initiative we have collected fun photos, videos, boomerangs and stories from you of your social distancing days and more – so we can all be #TogetherApart.

Hi – I’m Nicolas

I’m 17 years old

I’m a HAE patient

And I live in Argentina

I hope that HAE patients in the future:
Will have the same treatments, no matter the country.

The HAEi Youngsters’ Community is important because:
We need to be visible to the world, and we can make it.

My favorite quote is:
If there is a will there is a way

‘Creating a Path to Better Health’ means:
For me means that if we are togheter we can make a better health for everybody.

This is my personal story:
I had only a few episodes in my life, but I have had always supported my mum that have it more often, and also the patient association, being participant in many events.

#togetherapart – meet us …