#haeGC20 Youngsters’ Poster Project

For the 2020 HAE Global Conference HAEi Youngsters were invited to participate in a Poster Project. As you all know, the conference in Frankfurt had to be cancelled due to COVID-19 so we will present the posters online.

The idea was that the HAE youngsters – either by themselves or in groups of max 3 people – would work with their National Member Organisation (NMO) or Regional patient advocate (RPA) in creating a digital poster about HAE in their country/region. HAEi provided pre-designed templates to choose from to match the youngsters’ vision for design.

We are thrilled to present the posters created by the youngsters right here.


Poster by
Nicolas Gabriel Ricci
Laureana Di Pietro


Poster by 
Dejan Angjeleski
Ognen Jankovski
Sofija Popovska


Poster by
Eirini Elisavet Giannakidi


Poster by
Pedro Araujo De Carvalho


Poster by
Anna Bianchi
Giulia Bianchi
Isabella Bianchi

The United States

Poster by
Isabel Brunkan