Aric asked some of the youngsters about how they take control af HAE, this is what they had to say:

By living my life to the fullest and not letting it stop me!

By helping family if they need it.

By going around Vienna and taking pictures.

By teaching everyone I know about it.

By doing things I love!

By advocating on behalf of my sister and step father.

By living the most normal life I can. Also, living life without the fear of a swell.

By traveling around the world and exploring new cultures, HAE doesn’t stop me!

By supporting my sister and helping her during attacks.

By trying to inform people about it, then maybe a day will come when there will be a worldwide plan for HAE patients and make many lives easier.

By trying to live a normal life and making the best of it.

By not letting it stop me to do things i really want, im trying to treat the attacks as soon as possible so I wont suffer.

By traveling and seeing new things, I met new people. I see everything is possible by doing things like that anyway so I can control it, HAE can’t stop us!

project by Aric Visser, Canada

By raising awareness in my school, theatre, dance, voice and acting classes!

By helping my mother and sister get through their tough times. While I live a full life and never let HAE run my life 😀

By drawing personal growth from the condition.

By living my life to the fullest and helping other patients reach their goals!

By being able to treat myself, this gives me a new perspective on life and makes it easier for me to do what I love! HAE cant stop us!

By listening to music, taking pictures and drawing, and sometimes I do it at the same time.

By advocating and educating people about the disease and by supporting my sister and mom.

By not cutting my wings and being able to dream along with having HAE and not letting it set limits to myself.

By everything that brings pleasure like music, walk on travel, doing nothing with my friends.

By not letting it stop me and using it as motivation to work even harder to achieve my goals.

By always telling my friends that I feel like an attack coming.

By trying to live my life as normal as possible. I try not to let it control me or my life.

By living a full life and pursuing my dreams. HAE cant stop me!